“Official Training Course for Arbitrators” (Lima 2017)
Lecture June 3, 2017
Theme: Juridical Nature of Arbitration, Origins, Development and Difference between Arbitration and Trial Proceedings

“International Congress of Procedural Law and Arbitration” (Lima 2015)
Lecture September 3, 2015
Theme: Interim Measures in Arbitration.

“Second International Seminar of Arbitration: The Arbitration Law in Government Contracts” (Lima 2015)
Lecture June 22, 2015
Theme: Exception of Arbitration Agreement.

“First Seminar of Arbitration: Challenges and Viewpoints” (Huancayo 2014)
Lecture May 27, 2014
Theme: Estatute of Arbitrator

“China and International Commercial Dispute Resolution – International Workshop and Roundtable” (Xi’an 2013)
Lecture May 12, 2013
Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrator: A Comparative Perspective

“Intercontinental Congress of Arbitration” (Lima 2012)
Lecture May 17, 2012
Theme: Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrator

“First National Congress of Institutional Arbitration” (Huancayo 2011)
Lecture July 23, 2011
Theme: Selection of Arbitrators

“International Seminar of Commercial and Investment Arbitration” (Lima 2009)
Lecture October 28, 2009
Theme: Annulment of Arbitral Awards

“Conference of Arbitration in Precedents of the Peruvian Constitutional Tribunal” (Lima 2009)
Lecture May 1, 2009
Theme: Arbitral Process

“National Seminar of Contractor-State Arbitration”
Lima, August 24, 2018
Speaker: Should Ad Hoc Arbitration be Regulated and Incorporated Again in the Public Contracting Law?

“International Investment Arbitration in the Age of Coronavirus”
Buenos Aires/New York/Lima, June 18, 2020
Speaker: Investment Arbitration and Covid-19

“International Seminar – The Law in the Face of the Health Emergency of Covid-19 and its Consequences”
Lima/Medellin, September 19, 2020
Speaker: Technology and International Arbitration in Times of Coronavirus

“Second National Congress of Multidisciplinary Law”
Chimbote/Lima, October 20, 2021
Speaker: The Setting Aside of Arbitral Awards

“Fourth International Congress of Law”
Lima/Madrid/Buenos Aires, October 27, 2022
Speaker: The Extension of the Arbitration Agreement to Non-Signatory Parties

“Third International Congress of Sport Law”
Lima/Madrid/Bogota/Buenos Aires, October 25, 2022
Speaker: The Annulment of CAS Arbitral Awards

“Law & Literature: Goethe’s Faust”
Mexico City/Lima, August 10, 2020
Speaker: Goethe’s Faust

“Cinema and Law”
Lima, May 2, 2020
Speaker: 12 Angry Men


Interview on the program “Rumbo Económico”
(Channel 8)
Date: February 7, 2005
Theme: Arbitration and Alternative Dispute

Interview on the program “Rumbo Económico”
(Channel 8)
Date: August 22, 2005
Theme: Techniques and Practice of
Peruvian Institutional Arbitration

Interview on the program “Mesa Central” (Channel 7)
Date: June 15, 2009
Theme: Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrator

Interview on the program “Habla el Pueblo” (Channel 11)
Date: November 16, 2009
Theme: Arbitral Award and Constitutional Control

Interview on the program “Rumbo Económico”(Channel 8)
Date: February 14, 2013
Theme: ICSID Arbitration

Interview on the program “Contitv”
(Continental University Channel)
Date: May 27, 2014
Theme: Estatute of Arbitrator

Interview on the program “Contitv” (Continental University Channel)
Date: June 22, 2015
Theme: Arbitration in Peru and Latin America

Interview on the program “El Terno Perú” (Youtube channel)
Date: August 11, 2016
Theme: Teaching and Practice of Arbitration in Peru

Interview on the program “Rey con Barba y Tudela” (Channel 512)
Date: February 16, 2020
Theme: Possible Consequences of the Request for Arbitration Submitted by the Company Odebrecth Latinvest Sarl against the Republic of Peru

Interview on the program “En Pared” (Channel 7)
Date: November 25, 2022
Theme: Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS/TAS)